Feber A Wild Horse For Kids In Dubai

Horse riding:

Horse riding has been the favorite task sooner the ages. Kids love to ride on animals camels or horses. If they get such stuff separately for them they would love to play like a happy bird. Horse riding gives energy and enthusiasm to all the kids. This horse is capable of moving here and there, to and fro. This can be placed into the room of the kids as decoration pieces. The beauty and elegance appear when you notice the hair of this product. Kids love to brush the hair of the horse as they give original look. Sounds are also added in the article as it produces the sound of neigh and gallops when you touch its forhead.

Best plaything:

It is can be considered the best plaything as the child can sit on it and enjoy the ride. A child can play with it by brushing the hair. By cleaning and maintaining a horse he can ultimately learn to clean his belongings. This toy thing can enhance his interest in animals and his love for animals. This horse is portable and you can take it any way you can, easy to take anywhere. But one thing you must make sure that your child’s age should be above 3 as the little one below the age of 3 won’t be able to ride on perfectly and definitely will fall out.


Product Dimensions: 72.5 x 47.5 x 83 cm
Package Dimensions: 72.5 x 47.5 x 83 cm
Weight: 13.00KG
Shipping Weight: 13.00KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 3-6 years



  • Forward (left and right) and reverse gear
  • Footrest
  • Reversible reins to transport it easily
  • Max speed: 1.86 mph/3km/h
  • Head and tail with a brown long mane
  • Brush included and compartment to store the brush
  • Sound: It makes galloping and neighs sounds

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