How to keep your Weight Down

Obesity Increase weight:

Whenever you are turning obese it is pretty sure that your weight would increase. Heavyweight might increase a lot of problems.  Whenever there is some problems between your calories and the effort you made, obessity increases and then weight is increased. Every person loses weight and gains weight in different way. On the other hand, every person can reduce it according to him. You have to cut carbs and fats. You need to eat such things that may carry the less fats.


Overweight is the main problem of every person, Once the weight is increasing and you should bother everything you need. You may ponder over why the wait increased? It can be due to your less effort and more food. You can manage your diet schedule according to your weight. You can cut on carbs, cut on fats. You should decrease the ratio of  sugar in you.

How to reduce weight:

Make a diet plan to reduce weight,that is follow every thing that may help you to reduce weight. You can use lemon in your daily routine, as it helps to burn the calories.

Eat Salad:

Eating salad is also the part of life of human, you can use it in your daily menu. Cucumber is the watery salad and people love about to eat it. The great benefit of eating this is, when you eat a plate of salad you eat less carbohydrates.

Take soup of vegetables:

Taking vegetable soup is the essential thing to make daily in your routine. Fruits and vegetables are juicy enough to eat. Soup of chicken and vegetables without the addition of vinegar and soysauce is always helpful.

Take More Water:

Water intake is very important for everyone. Once, you are taking the enough quantity of water you can surely reduce the risk of getting obessitty and the stress of overweight.


Exercise can lead a life in a better & healthy lifestyle. Once you are daily doing your exercise and you have plenty of works you have to do with effort, there is less chance of getting obesse.


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