10 Top things to learn about Newborns

Sleeping time:

Baby Sleeping time is very much important, if the baby is sleepy he will cry a lot until he gets that environment to sleep. Though it can be changed every day, a baby is, after all, a baby and can not make a scheduled sleep thus it is important to note that if a baby needs sleep? how many hours have passed since the kids are not sleeping?

Communication skill:

The baby does not talk, cannot utter a single word but his communication ways are weeping or crying. If a baby is crying he wants to convey something, that can be the need for anything. Maybe he feels hungry or whatever like this.

Colic issue:

Some kids are born with the problem of colic issue, some consider that the baby born with the c section has more problems regarding this. Colic creates the problem in the baby’s belly and he feels the problem. This can extend in some cases and the baby cries a lot and then it can be a major problem.

Diaper time:

Diaper time is very important, sometimes we forget to notice this thing that the more the baby will young, the more he will need to change his diaper. Diaper time should be noticed then it must change accordingly.

Little duration nap:

little duration nap is the thing a kid does the whole day otherwise there is no such case. A kid does not sleep for hours and hours, rather he takes a little nap after every duration. He hardly sleeps half an hour then again wakes up, some mothers get worried about this, and then they complain that the baby is not taking the exact sleep. but newborn does follow this routine.

Hungry feeling:

Whenever a baby is having any kind of feeling he will weep, first of all, this is the only way to communicate. Make sure that he is hungry or not, because if he is hungry then it is good to feed him, but if he is not hungry then do not over-feed him. It will annoy him.

Cold or warm:

The weather has an effect on everyone, so does upon newborn. If it is winter then the newborn baby needs to wrap properly because he might feel cold then again the so many problems such as chest infection, flu, and cough, etc. If it is summer weather you notice how to feel the baby at the normal temperature.

Feeding time:

There is no specific duration and feeding time for the baby, it changes daily and often. Therefore, feeding time should be in the notice. You can not forcefully apply the feeding time but still, you can notice that afterward when to feed and how much duration. If you start noticing these things it is pretty good.

Kids growth:

Within no time,  6 months pass of baby and he grows so quickly. After 6 months a kid develops more habits and more things in life. ROutine of baby changes even some people consider that the face and looks also change as it is developing.

Light or darkness:

Another thing to notice, that how a baby sleeps peacefully, some mothers switch off the lights when it is sleeping time of the baby, while some mothers do not switch it off. Later on,  a kid develops this habit accordingly he is trained with.


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