10 Ways to treat your Guests At home

Greetings ways:

Whenever there are guests and you are trying to greet them, you must meet them in a refreshing mood with a pleasant smile. The smile on your face while meeting with your guests does create a happy moment. When you greet your relatives or friends with utmost happiness it becomes an eternal joy for them as well. Greeting in a happy context increases your joy. Therefore you must know to meet in a happy way.

Drawing Room:

Every home whether big or small has a drawing-room, in fact, a perfect place where you can say your guests to be sitting. The drawing room should be clean enough if you know that guests are coming to your home. It is the first room of every home where you allow your guests to have a seat. It must be neat and furnished so that your child may easily sit.

Dining Room:

The dining room is another important factor if you know some guests are coming to your home. You must keep the space organized in accordance with the dining room. Dining room consists of dinning table,  chairs and some kind of decoration piece. This kind of setting that is clean and clear may help you.


Sitting Arrangement:

Sitting arrangement must be proper according to your guests. Becasue if the guests are not siting in proper way then they will not feel relax and easy going. Therefor you need to count the people and then arrange sitting place this can create a happy sitting and thus you can avoid mess.

Food & Meals for Guests:

Food is the main part of any kind of gathering,, if it is disturbed and not ongoing perfectly then you must accept that meal is mandatory and food too. Therefore if you inviting someone and you are thinking to serve dinner or lunch then you must have an idea what people actually like to eat and what they are up to.

Time Duration:

Time duration matters a lot, if you are dealing a guest and then you are serving late. It is a situation if your serving is late guests may get the feeling to avoid, they may feel irritate or can get the idea that they should leave instantly. Thus it is good to serve at first hand, rather delaying it. First serving should prepared before guests are approached.

Availability of Soap & Towel in Washrooms:

Availability of soap and towel in washrooms not only reflect a good atmosphere but it also give an impression that you are ready to serve them in proper way. Towel is the basic requirement of someone who is using the washroom it can help all.

Kitchen related stuff:

Kitchen related stuff should be neat and clean and thus it can attract them towards eating and therefore it is imperative that they should know how to manage the kitchen stuff it can create immense setting of things.

Overnight Guests:

Some guests are coming from far away and thus they are treated in different way. If some guests are staying overnight and you people are giving them place to stay with you. Thne you must notice to give them a proper room and separate bathroom and accessories so that they can pleasure.

Guests from far away:

Guests far away are no doubt a pleasure to deal, but that require an effort as well. They must be given an opportunity to be treated well thus they can be given separate room, perfect timing to deal with their food and intervals between the meal. This can enhance their stay more at host family.

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