5 Common Disorders of a Child

Disorders of Child:

There are 5 common disorders in children that may lead to depression and turn them into something tough. Kids are surrounded by new types of greetings and thus they can shatter their confidence.  There are various signs that may show you that your child is suffering from some kind of illness. These types of disorders are disturbing and can be :

1) Depression:

Depression is often the commonest thing among kids, you may have noticed changes in kids that are unusual. Those changes unusual for kids can predict the upcoming depression situation of a child. Changes in sleep and changes in daily routine can be dangerous. A kid is usually so much attractive and loveable and shows a keen interest in many things, but if the kid is not showing concern or activeness it means that he is becoming the victim of depression.

2) Anxiety:

Anxiety is when a child is not able to share, not able to confess his fears, and is not able to withstand all other kids of his age. Anxiety increases when you see a kid suffering from different kinds of phobias such as standing at a height,  meeting people, gathering phobias, and such different things. Being afraid of separation from parents can create another way of anxiety in kids. Toxic problems such as fear of insects and excessive fear of animals can be signs of anxiety.

3) Obsessive Compulsory Disorder:

When someone is having unwanted thoughts and impulses disturbing him again and again. When one has to think over and over. You may have noticed someone doing repeatedly things over and over and doing it unintentionally all these things can combine the Obsessive compulsory disorder. Repeating the same things over and again can be a sign of this type of disorder. It may show us that a kid is trying to save himself or he is trying to console his frustrated mind.

4) Schizophrenia:

There are symptoms with a person who is suffering from Schizophrenia, 3 basic symptoms can be :

Delusions; false beliefs


Negative symptoms

These types of disorders in children can make them a failure as a whole. Therefore if we see such kinds of things in our child and if a child is lacking in something we should take notice of all these things. We should take our kids to a psychiatrist and try to prove ourselves best.

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