A-Frame Hideaway & Climber


Sometimes kids are so prone to play with the regular toys and daily monotonous routine that they really want some change in their routine. This type of frame can provide them different routines and exposure to new things. Such as here in this frame, they are supposed to climb, and then ring the bell after they have done the success. Then comes the front and back curtain door where children can play hide and seek. This is not only a frame or tent but a full-time activity for your kid where can spend hours enjoying and playing with other mates. There is a beautiful window to provide the kid with the air system.

Best place Hide and Seek:

It is the best place to give your child exposure to play in the open air where he can play his activities with full concern. This type of tent should be under protecting sheet or trampoline sheet so that no sunlight can damage it. If it is placed in excessive rain or an area where rain often comes then the beauty of it would no longer remain. There are musical instruments to make the kid more attractive towards this a-frame triangle where your kids can spend hours and hours. You can never feel bored if you have given such activity to play & enjoy. Another favorable thing is climbing that can give a kid the best effect, rocks are attached to it so that a child feels the security as well.

Product Features:

  • Window on side
  • Fabric tent front and back doors
  • Climbing wall with six rocks
  • Bell on the roof to signal your summit
  • Packaged with detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions
  • Age Range: 3-10

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