Cultural Festivals and Celebrations of Eid

Cultural festivals:

Cultural festivals are organized by every country to celebrate some specific traditions and these little things contribute to making the festival organized. Some festivals are done on a greater level, Country-based where people from different provinces come and celebrate their innate desires. Stalls of fruits and different ornaments. Festivals can be on a few levels such as city-based where people from different areas come and celebrate their happiness.

Celebrations of Eid:

Celebrations of Eid are complementary and Muslims celebrate Eid 2 times a year. Once they celebrate in the commemoration of Sacrifice in the memory of Hazrat Ismail A.S. And other Eid is celebrated after Ramzan when Muslims keep fasting whole month. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha are the 2 grand occasions of celebrations where Muslims greet each other and celebrate their happiness on these joyous days.

2 huge levels of celebrations:

2 huge levels of Eid celebrations are much important in the life of Muslims. These events of life give him maximum happiness of celebration. Kids are over joy in their life and they love to have everything new in their life. They are happy to have new dresses new shoes and everything new. There are huge levels of celebrations wherever Muslims are celebrating and gathering. They show an immense level of joy on these celebrating days.

Rituals that Muslims Share on the day:

There was a time when Muslims used to share cards of Eid with each other. Everyone around the neighbors comes and greets each other. Different people from different areas come and support each other. They share some of the rituals such as wearing new clothes,  giving others something sweet to eat, Kids greet each other and they go to others’ homes.  People keep parties and functions in their homes and they celebrate Eid Milan Parties. Many people around the globe come to their relative’s homes and greet them. In short, this Eid is a sign of happiness for Muslims and it shows unity.

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