Dreambaby Breeze Safe Window Restrictor

Dreambaby Brezz-Guard Keyless Window restrictor:

Windows are everywhere, at the office, at home restaurants hotels almost everywhere if there is a place to live, there is the window. An open place from where air could transfer is a really necessary part of human life. Thus you will see a lot of places where you can see windows and obviously there is a way to open and shut. A keyless window restrictor is in fact a quality assurance to your windows and doors that can make everything durable and trustable. Sometimes kids are so keen to learn new things and explore a new world then what they actually do is open the window that is a really dangerous thing. We just need a restrictor to protect the kids from falling down.

How necessary:

A window restrictor can be the part of the door if you feel that it is unsafe to leave the door unlocked. If you are living on the highest floor of the building and you have a toddler with you, it is certainly unsafe to leave the windows and doors of the home. You can buy this restrictor as a safety guard for your home. This helps to maintain and cover the wind from rushing inside the window. Your home becomes filthy by the dusty air if you forgot to lock the window. But this safeguard works as safety insurance to all.


Protecting the kid:

It is so compulsory to protect the child from any calamity, a child always sticks to the windows and therefore it becomes highly recommended to buy this. Your safety is our priority. It is an easy task to insert it. You just need to follow the 3 steps:

  1. Select the restrictor and fit the restrictor arm.
  2. Insert the restrictor stud.
  3. Engage the restrictor and complete final checks.

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