Educate your Child about sanctity of your body

Why it is important to teach a child:

When it comes to educating your child, you are also haunted by the fears of your sanctity. Kids are grown up then, and we must not hesitate to inform them about the good and bad. Whereas they must have the idea of good and bad touch. At a little age, we can consider any girls and boys to obey all. Sometimes we make mistakes by telling to our kids, listen to all obey all. No, not at all we must train them with the good touch and bad touch. Parents who touch their kids with good intentions, a kid feels protected. On the other hand, a person who does not touch the kid in a positive way gives unprotected feelings to a child. In such a case,  if a kid is not comfortable with anyone, you must not ignore the fact. In older days, a kid was not given freedom and thus it was not possible for him or her to speak for herself.

What  is Child Abuse:

Child abuse is the worst thing,  an era where girls are not secure. If you are living in a country where females are not protected where kids are not safe. Then you must try to explain everything to your child. Child abuse is not a new topic to the kids, they can understand everything if you try to narrate it to them. Child safety is the most important thing for the parents to protect them from the evil look or harassed look. They must know about the private parts how to hide themselves how to say no to every other person who is trying to use them in child abuse or trying to mislead them.

Rules for the understanding of the kids:a

There are basic things that can help you to make your kids understand the good and bad touches. You must relax about this topic and try your level best to make the kid in a comfortable position. First of all, you can tell them the facts about the good touch,  it gives them comfort and ease. While bad touch can give them stress and anxiety. That is the reason they can differentiate between the 2. You can also use nearby examples to explain to them about their lifestyle. You can use the swim set rule that if the kid swims, whatever the part of her and him are beneath the cover of the cloth, that simply means that these are their hidden part. And they should never allow any person to touch their hidden parts.

Friendly and strong bonding:

For everything ease and comfort,  the first thing should be a bond. The bond between mother and daughter and father and the son. Kids should have developed familiarity with their parents. Kids should develop enough bonding with their parents that they never shy about telling anything to their parents. They must share everything with their parents this can help them to know about any wrong person in their life.

Allow your kids to back off:

Make your kids confident enough to handle things by themselves. If your kid is not in a mood to love you hug you or kiss,  do not implement on them. Let them go back off,  to enjoy their own way. You must not deal with them for not listening to them.  Never try to implement things over them. For parents sanctity of the child is much more important. You should always try to listen to your kid, give them ample courage to talk about.

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