Eid UL Adha Reasons, History and Event

1) Eid UL Adha (Event of Sacrifice):

Eid ul Adha is celebrated as the main festival of Muslims. There is two eid one after the other, eid ul Adha and eid ul Fitr. There is a big difference between these two. It is being related to the history of Islam that Once Ibrahim A.S saw a dream where he is taking his son to a faraway place to slaughter him. He obliged the dream and went to a faraway place to slaughter his son, but it was too hard to be here for him. He is tied stuff to his eyes so that he may not see that he is going to cut his son’s neck there the spirituality worked and God replaced the son with the goat from that onwards its been years that people are celebrating this day as the remembrance of Ibrahim A. S People are following this tradition as a festival as it not only gives an opportunity to people to spend their money.  and separate the piece of meat among all the people especially the needy ones.

2) How Festivals are important:

it is the beauty of this tradition and festival that all people celebrate this day as a whole. Eid ul Adha remains for 2 and half days, you may present your sacrifice these 3 days 2 full days and the 3rd is a half day. People happily divide the beef among all the people and they do not forget the needy one. On this occasion, everyone eats mutton and beef and different dishes are made. These two major festivals are different, Eid ul Adha is celebrated with the spirit of Ibrahim AS while Eid ul Fitr is celebrated as the feast after keeping fast for 30 days. These 2 events are considered celebrating events where we all dress up and merry-making.

3) Culture and Religion:

Culture and religion are the main focus of every country because they teach us to remain positive and active. Sacrifice on the day of Eid teaches us moral values where our kids come on the front line to serve all. Religion also makes us able to learn and emphasize the value of sacrifice. It becomes useful for all, it teaches us equality and moral values so to focus on humanity. It is imperative for all kids to learn the basic values and thus to get success in life. We must teach our kids to learn about the sacrifice it not only brings education but also a good purpose.



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