Environmental Pollution and Problems

Environmental pollution:

Environmental pollution and problems are the big major issue of all the cities we are bounced to live in those places where pollution is making new history daily you may have not tested that wherever you go there is something fishy in the air is all time polluted by the chimneys of the companies by the smoke of the icons and by the numerals virus in the country we cannot say that every country on the planet of the earth is polluted but we can mark the place is where pollution is at its peak by following environmental pollution you may have seen that people are not healthy there as they can be healthy in any other UN polluted area.

Air pollution:

Air pollution is the most dangerous and harmful thing which is separated the year and damages natural and human activities. You may have seen that any kind of pollution we are given the threat of global warming where our atmosphere is getting high by every year. and we are bound to face all the climate buying our harmful environment you cannot claim to have clean air in such countries or places where there is an abundance of climate issues such as smoke. The ecosystem is damaged. Water is also polluted on the other hand you may get contaminated water easily in your homes and you cannot identify where the problem lies because the pipelines under the ground are set in such a way that you cannot do anything but wait for the right time for better improvement of water. and do not get polluted water you can higher a waste management team that can work for you day and night to get you the perfect lifestyle.

Plastic pollution:

Another pollution can be considered plastics pollution because you may have noticed that plastic is been used in everything and the process of recycling. It can also create smoke in dust for humans that can be harmful to your living standard reusable plastic is also full of chemical toxicity and can cause problems for all the people living there, especially the sensitive ones.

Soil Contamination:

Soil contamination is also a big reason to create pollution around you you cannot live alive in a healthy environment where you find soil contamination such as the soils are polluted through agriculture practices which may include fertilizers and irrigation water that contain heavy metals like mercury and lead and other toxic substances, in short, you you cannot identify the one thing that can create your environment in bed polluted situation there are a lot of points that combine together to make your environment pollution.

How to avoid:

We can always discuss the problems of pollution and the polluted area where people are living in a tough situation and they are bound to face the climate of nature. But what we can do is part of our activity as human beings, first of all, we need to know where are the majority of polluted areas and people and who is causing all this pollution around weekend approach to the specific places where which are the reasons for separating pollution everywhere you can go to any slum area any place is where people are living in muddy houses and try to find out the solutions.

Try to Reduce pollution:

If you are going to a village, and you want the air to be clean and healthy air. You should try to reduce the use of chemical inputs and use of such ways of cultivation where there are sensitive areas. You must try to protect the environment if you are facing air pollution. You should try to reduce the smog and such vehicles which are not working in the proper way. The accessive use of air conditioners and heaters, garbage and different heaps of rubbish is another source of creating your environment polluted. One should try to use reusable water bottles instead of throwing them here and there. Another big phenomenon is to use the clean things around you and put the garbage things into a dustbin. specifically, if you want to have clean and clear air around you must switch yourself to greenery, to green things, to have plenty of trees around you, and try to use clean and pure water. You can wait for all the dust and polluted air around you if you are using clean and clear things for yours. Little things combine to make the worst pollution and polluted places that can be dangerous for your health. Breath-taking issues can create little viruses again and again.


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