Foods for kids 1-3 years old

1) Essential food for kids:

foods for kids and it becomes the toughest thing to feed them. Mothers try different things to make them healthy and thus it is a thoughtful moment for mothers too. Variety is always there in food, where we can select anything if we want. Basic essentials are those food such as that contain health and nutrients such as carbohydrates and protein. Every prior thing that may include essential things is a basic part of the food.

2) Age group between 1-3 years:

When a kid is turning towards the years from the monthly schedule, then it becomes obvious that the need for food is important. A kid who is turning 1 year should be given enough diet to talk and run. When a kid is growing he is increasing his activities and thus heading in life too. It becomes compulsory to provide him a basic diet. For a kid between the age of 1-3 years, we must see a schedule of food, that may include almost all the necessary things. If  a kid is not given some of the prior things such as :

Grain Schedule: Give at least a few bites of chapati, or 2-3 slices of bread per day

Fruit and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are the basic things that contain vitamins and regarded nutrients that may assist him in getting pure nourishment.

Meat and White chicken: Proteins are very much important in the premise of getting protein for your kid. 2-3 tablespoons or per ounce you can give protein to the child. 1 egg is compulsory for them to eat.

Food is important for best nourishment:

Food for kids is the best thing that should be according to the age and taste of the child. You must try to place something you know your child would love but on the other hand, you must try to adjust him according to the meal that is cooked at home. Plain food can be the best idea regarding the interest of the child because the more messy things will be the more he will agitated. Some kids are choosy and not at all getting attracted or ready to intake the food. You can bring colorful utensils for them.


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