Gambol – Ride On 12V BMW Licensed Police Bike – Silver

Gambol – Ride On 12V BMW Licensed Police Bike :

Gambol ride on police bike is toy bike where a child can easily ride on and feel the pleasure of driving. The best thing about this toy is a baby can enjoy it without the worry of falling down or injury. These are made up of plastic that is durable and there is no fear of breaking of it. There are certain features embedded in to give it a genuine look such as motor noises at startup and end up. This may give a child the pleasure to ride on a bike that is real. Thus it is a superb bike that can cherish you in so many ways and a child loves to ride on it. These bikes are super safe.



  • Remote Control Type 2.4G
  • 3-speed (slow, medium, fast)
  • Motor noise at startup and on/off switchable
  • Music on/off switchable
  • Powerful drive motor
  • Powerful battery for long drive time
  • 2 Keys
  • LED headlight
  • Gas pedal
  • Support wheels
  • Turbo function
  • Signal light blue/red on/off switchable
  • Siren on/off switchable
  • Side case openable

Bike to Cherish the joys:

Whenever you buy something you always notice the things that may give positive points. Earlier we have seen the kids ride on cars and thus the quality of different cars as well. Here the bike is also having the same features to make you happy. The first rule is to buy the licensed ride-on things to travel and make your journey beautiful. A kid always gets attracted to the siren and lights. Whenever there is something designed for the children, you may notice the sounds and music. On the other hand, different kinds of lights are also included in it to give it more elegance. A child can ride on it even in the evening time outside, therefore the lights and sounds are constructed in it.

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