Hape-White Board for kids in Dubai

Early Childhood:

In the early childhood of every kid, a child wants to play and play all time but after getting the age of 3 and increasing he naturally starts to feel the tendency towards learning and wiring and thus we need to change the kids; priorities from playing all-time shifting to thinking about learning and thus every kid love to write and coloring is the favorite hobby of every child. In the beginning, every kid starts with the pencil in the hand and draws whatever he wants it also increases their love for writing and interest in learning.

The study is the priority:

The study is the priority for every parent and they definitely want their kids to read and write in their life that makes them able to reach high in their later life. A whiteboard on the one side that can easily remove the written words is perhaps the best idea because a child is never perfect in writing thus he obviously makes mistakes that can lead to a tough time if they are not easily removed from the particular thing. Anything regarding making the child perfect is always mattered a lot in the history of learning of a kid.

White Boards so Helpful:

These boards are adjustable with the height of the kid so that a kid can write easily and feel comfortable while doing anything upon it. On the other hand, the best thing about this is that it is two-sided; on the one side is the whiteboard and on the other side is a blackboard where you can write with the chalk on anything like this. Hence it is proved it has no side effect in buying this,  this is super safe for your child that ensures the best comfort and deal.


The only height adjustable double-sided children’s easel


Features a magnetic whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other


Includes: easel, three paint pots, and replaceable paper roll


Hape toy finishes are all non-toxic, child-safe, and of the highest quality


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