How to keep you healthy in pandemic 2021

Covid is life-taking:

Covid is life taking but you can save your life if you care about some of the things that are to keep yourself away from other people, do not touch so many things if you are at a public place. Taking care of yourself can lead many people to a strong and healthy life. If you do not concern yourself, you can’t think about other’s health. The Coronavirus is so dangerous taking many lives. Cases are increasing as per the daily reports of the UAE. This virus is so dangerous that a man cannot breathe if he or she has got it bad. But the irony of fate is, this is too small a virus to be dead with the simple washing of the hands. Therefore it is stated everywhere that to wear a mask. 

Social Distance:

Social distance is another best way to avoid this pandemic disease. One may have the symptoms of this virus, but he can be unaware. Sometimes we do not acknowledge the fact that we are suffering from some ailment. There is a simple rule to follow to avoid the situation and be safe. Take care of these steps :

  1. Wash your hands whenever you go outside or come to the home,, office any place
  2. Wear a mask in a public place
  3. Wear gloves if easy
  4. Avoid food from outside
  5. Avoid interaction with other people
  6. Try not to go at public place

How to cure:

First of all, if you feel you are getting attacked by the pandemic and you feeling not well. Limit yourself to a room, stop interacting with the other people of the home. Felling ill with the symptoms of this covid can create tension among the people easily. But always remember you do not have to worry about anything but fight with valor and courage. If you cough and sneeze do not transfer it to others. On the other hand, you need to take some of the precautions such as avoiding cold food rather try to take some energetic things. For example:

  1. Steaming can ease you and kills the virus
  2. Broth of mutton
  3. Healthy food
  4. Plenty of rest
  5. Don’t panic at all, frustration can lead to dangerous result


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