How To Live Happy

Seek Happiness:

Happiness is where you want , its just about the matter of where from you seek, how you search it. There is no specific way for finding the happiness you just can feel it.  If you want to live a life with all your happiness and enjoyments of life you need to limit your expanses and feel relax with whatever you have. Firstly, you should think which things make you feel happy? Is it shopping or what ? Whenever you are happy try to notice it then you can be able to seek happiness.



Smart Decision:

Taking smart decision in life is very much important. You take good decision lead it with you and then you take it onwards. Taking one good decision make you able to get near your destination. Taking one wrong decision takes you to wrong direction. We should lead thinking into smart decision once you gave ample time to your decision making  you are now free to take a step that ‘s all about happiness.


Lets divide the expanse with whatever you have you can make right decisions and thus you can able to maintain the level between the expanse and spend amount. Therefor when you have done this you can make good expanse. Our happiness can be increased if your expanse is leveled once its up and down you start unbalancing your things.

Happiness Found:

Happiness can found easily if certain things you can settle that is :

Your interest

Your time and work settlement

Your priorities

Your set up



For being living a happy life you can feel the joy of being yourself. You are the big reason for your life to live happily. If you have determined something in life you can do it. Once you make decision do it wisely only you yourself can find happiness. You is the reason to be happy to smile.

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