How to make kids able to Study

Recognition of words:

First of all, let me explain how to make kids able to study. The foremost thing is the recognition of words and it may take your maximum time but it is the initial thing for your kid. You must do your best effort to make it possible. Once you have done this, a kid will try to compact the words together in order to make it liable. After having the recognition, a child can better understand the alphabets and pronounce them at once where ever he sees these.

Learning habit:

Learning habit is another big thing for your kid to have a good startup. A kid must take a keen interest in learning habits, once he starts interest in learning he would try to read aloud and that the best thing perhaps. No matter, if the kids not learning the exact words or uttering them in the wrong tone, what is most important is to develop learning criteria.

Reading interest:

Reading increases the interest of the child in studies even if he doesn’t know the underlying meaning beneath the above words. If the child is giving time to reading he will start taking interest in reading. The best way is to provide them with some of the books and thus a kid will read them. Until or unless a kid becomes able to handle reading a parent can help them.

kids study

kids study

Things to develop interest:

A kid should have such belongings in his bag which arise his interest in studies such as different kind fo storybooks having a beautiful painting on it,  variation in colors such as crayon colors, painting, and water paints. I have seen kids having so much interest in marker color as it gives a dark color favorite to kids’ eyes and they play with it by coloring with it.


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