Huricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park

Water Park for kids:

The water park is every kid’s favorite and every child takes interest in swimming and playing with water. Rather, kids are so much accustomed to playing with the water that they even do not bother whether they play whether it’s rain or what. Kids need to grow in an atmosphere where they cherish themselves. It is an opportunity for sliding and climbing and having much more fun. Playing and bathing together was never so easy and convenient. Kids always want to have some fun and this time of activity leads them into healthy growth. This is amusement for parents as well to watch their kids in a happy go play spot. It takes energy for a kid to play and learn together.


The Hurricane Tunnel Blast Water Park is an extravagant play zone for climbing, sliding, and more. The park features a climbing wall with handgrips and footholds for serious climbing action. Once kids reach the climbing wall summit, they’re protected by a special mesh safety wall. The mesh walls provide security without hindering any climbing or sliding fun! Jump down the curved slide and enjoy a special surprise finish – a water blob landing. The built-in blob makes for a soft landing as kids slide through the spray tunnel. The spray tunnel constantly sprays water to keep the park wet and cool off kids. The base of the park is a large play pool where kids can relax or splash around before beginning another climb and slide. Use the mesh shoe storage area to keep shoes dry and conveniently located.

How it entertains:

You can fill the air in it and then the continuous water help to make it more beautiful. It is a full-on entertaining sport where kids climb up and come down. The Bouncy Park itself provides the sense for pleasuring the kid and thus it becomes the resourceful joy for the kid. The park meets all ATSM safety standards as the PVC-coated polyester material is durable but provides a comfortable feel and touch for kids.


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