Kidkraft – Lil’ Friends Play Kitchen

Kitchen Set:

The kitchen set is the perfect example for girls learning abilities about the kitchen, cleaning, and setting of the utensils, arranging the pots, etc. Baby girls always feel a tendency towards kitchen stuff and they seek new things which not only give pleasure to the kid but also enhance their learning in the domestic task. Little things that are added in this playset are capable to make a kid joyous. Kitchen sets not only help you to learn but also a time spending activity. Mothers often want their kid to spend their maximum time in pleasurable time and thus it is necessary to buy such kind of toys.

Pleasurable  article for Girls:

There are so many things that make difference between a baby boy and a baby girl. Here when we come to toys it is again viewed such girls have more adhering to kitchen sets and dollhouses whereas boys are fond of cars and other vehicles. This also clarifies the difference between them both. Whenever it comes to the kitchen little baby girls are fond of such things.

Accessories Attached :

A lot of accessories are attached to it that make easiness for the kid’s task and playing thing. Different kind of things which come with it are:

  • Lights and sounds on cooktop and microwave
  • An ice maker that dispenses plastic ice cubes (no light or sound)
  • Functional paper towel rack
  • 3 modes of play – kids can cook, clean, and organize
  • Knobs that click and turn
  • Showcase doors on oven and microwave
  • Modern design with marble-inspired countertop
  • Sleek refrigerator with separate deep freezer
  • Hot and cold labeled faucet handles
  • Batteries Included
  • EZ Kraft Assembly reduces assembly time by 40%
  • For quicker and easier assembly instructions, download the free BILT App from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions included
  • Smart, sturdy wood construction

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