Kidsembrace Dora & Friends High Backed Booster Car Seat

Kidsembrace Dora:

Kidsembrace is an ideal brand of kid’s luxurious variety of so many things. The car seat has been the necessity of every child. You must have seen the huge variety of car seats with salient features. The car seat is, in fact, the kid’s favorite and therefore they want every now and then whenever they are supposed to travel. There is a huge variety in car seats, some are backless and some are high-backed. This is a high backed car seat that may increase your ease and comfort level.


How helpful :

This car seat is so helpful in order to travel long. When you need to go somewhere and you feel the need for relaxing you need to sit in the car seat that may provide you relief and satisfaction. It has some salient features such as the LATCH system. Thousands of people are attacked in accidents and they are killed just because of not following the proper rule of sitting in the car. Car seat provides safety and ensures kids’ perfect ride.

Booster Car Seat:

There is variation in car seats: rear-facing, forward-facing, and car booster. Sometimes all in one car can be bought for the kid that can be used for the baby of 0 years to 12 years. There are easy to install and are capable of tether quality. It is 5 points safety harness thing. Car seats secure the baby of any age and thus provides security to all.NHTSA recommends children should remain in a forward-facing car seat with a 5point harness. With the passage of time, a kid learns to sit in the car and gets the maximum height and weight.


  • Extended use 5-point harness: 9 to 30 kg.
  • Belt-positioning: 13 to 45 kg.
  • Harness System features energy-absorbing technology.
  • Deep headrest for additional side impact protection.
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 9 KG
  • Maximum Weight recommendation: 45 kg


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