L.O.L. Surprise Bigger Surprise Fashion Doll

L.O.L Surprise:

  • Unbox 60+ never-before-seen surprises, including a limited edition, exclusive Family
  • Includes 1 exclusive LOL Surprise O.M.G. – Shadow doll with stunning features, beautiful hair, and fierce fashions
  • Also includes 1 LOL Surprise doll, 1 Boy, 1 Pet, and 1 Lil Sister, along with all their fashions and accessories
  • Boy characters are anatomically correct
  • The glittery case can be used as storage and taken on the go

Bigger Surprise Fashion Doll:

There are many dolls with fashion in the air, every kid desires to play with different things every time. New things have the fascination to attract every other kid, this LOL surprise brings something new to everyone. It is including the characters and features that attract all the kids. It is therefore kept as the name of surprise. You must have seen a lot of different features of dolls and dollhouses such as the case of L.O.L where you can see features and characters, that may make you able to learn family terms as well. Little dolls love to have fashion dolls to the extent you cannot abstain from buying them.

O.M.G. Fashion Talk:

LOL Surprise O.M.G. Shadow doll has fashions that are ready to be unboxed from fabulous garment bags, her shoes have their own shoebox, and her hat box holds her accessories. She also includes a doll stand, so she can strike a fabulous pose with her family.
The glittery case doubles as storage and has a handle, so kids can take their collection on the go! It is thus a beautiful box to be gifted to any pretty doll of your near one. You just need to buy this and surprise everyone. There are features and characters to mesmerize you. You will surprise to see that there are products containing hidden happiness for you and more than 60 surprises. Once you unboxed this beautiful box, you will love all the things in it.


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