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MIKO2 is basically a robot which has several functions in it. It acts like a wonderful technology and thus it behaves like a human being. This displays different characteristics. Robot is the kid friendly natured robot which acts like a kid do, which has the quality of recognizing the sound thus it produce the same sounds and utters. It is the educative tool because it serve the purpose of news telecasting to you as well. Some people may comprehend that it may not safe to them We can clearly explain to them, that its totally child-safe tool with profanity filters and much more.


How it entertains:

At the very young age of kid, our top most priority is to entertain him in such a way to give him immense pleasure and robot can fill this beautifully. It has the fun games to entertain your child, it knows the mood of your kid thus step by step growing with him. Through this any one can understand the psyche of kid through the tools of it so prove itself the best. Music is food for the soul’ is the famous proverb. A kid amuses himself with the music, it can sing a song and even dance with you on your step.

Educating Tool:

It is developed in such a way to enhance your kids learning style through a conversational method. It has some content with it to make your kid more acknowledged. It has all the purpose filled a robot can act though its secure and you can use it happily. It becomes use to its users, for example if the kid is using it and learns from it, it becomes use to it and you can see it can recognize the person. It is loaded with the academic content and syllabus of the kid, which it actually reads happily. With a tele connect it can help to connect with your child, if you are outside busy with your tasks.

What is in it?:

  • 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Dual MEMS microphone
  • World’s Smallest Laser ranging module
  • HD Wide Angle Camera
  • 9 Axis MEMS IMU Inertial Sensor
  • Capacitive touch sensor for navigation
  • Dual High Sensitivity Long Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor for Edge Detection
  • Hall Effect Sensors

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