Play Set for Learn and Dinner

Learning Set:

Learning set is necessary and we want our kid to learn with energy. The best way to make your kids to learn is to provide them with all the necessities. They can learn more appropriate if you give them their own toys to get acknowledged. We thus tried our best to arrange such equipment which can give you the wholesome product. The best way a child puts something in the mind is the practical example of it. We brought the Kitchen set with which you can learn and play twice.


Kids play set of learning with kitchen set has some of its parts just resembling to the actual kitchen holds. It is having the music and sizzling sound which recreates the joy of kid. It has the ‘play grill’ which heats up itself and plays the sound of sizzle which gives a kid enormous joy to present the food lunch or dinner.

  1. Drumsticks
  2. Macroni
  3. Ketchup
  4. Hot dog and bun
  5. Twisting corn cub

Lunch time:

With these things as household of kitchen you will surprise to see that your child can get your food ready within no time. If you say to your kid that get ready the lunch he will do it so lovingly. It distinguishes the set from other random set because it has the light and music as well. Through this a kid becomes busy and thus vibrant in his work.


Little Tikes – Tasty jr.bake and share food has different kind of varieties which has a lot of different things in it just like the cooking set we have 10 different utensils and other presentable sizzling ingredients. We also have the baking set which is totally different from the usual set of kitchen play set. Baking set is another thing which has the recipe card to entertain your kid and make ensure that he is learning something prior to any other thing.

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