Rise and Shine in the World

Rise and shine:

Rise and shine is the idiom to tell you that whenever you want anything in life rise and do that means do in perfect way and shine. Shine in a way that nobody can defeat you and that’s it. Prove yourself best and you will see the world is yours. Sometimes in our life, we need motivation, and that why we need something to write over, and when we read something encourages it helps us to go ahead in our life. By telling someone to rise and shine clearly exhibits that we should do something positive in our life.

Courage and admiratoin:

Courage and admiration lead any person to go ahead and this thing makes any person liable to good things in life. When you admire someone for anything, it results in a positive way. That person particularly works in a more efficient way. That is the reason one should be admired in daily routine matters. We should encourage others to work in the best way for the betterment of the people. Sometimes a person feels so much low in life and these types of motivations and admiration help them.


Positive reinforcements always work in a more good way, sometimes a child is given some reward some gift or even chocolate. These little gestures of appreciation lead a child to become more confident and brilliant. There are 2 basic kinds of reinforcement one is positive and the other is negative. Negative reinforcement destroys the confidence of the child,  a child is speechless and becomes less confident. Rewards on the other side are the best to help the kid to increase his potential in the premises of life.

Try try again:

A kid should always encourage to try again and again until success becomes a part of it. We do not get everything in our first attempt at life, therefore we are told to repeat our journey of working hard, learning new things. When we think that our try try again theory would work out. We should work out. As a child mature or adult this theory never fails of attempting again and re-attempting. When it comes to studying one should study and until he becomes something.


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