Safety 1st Smart Lunch Feeding Booster Red Lines

Feeding the baby:

There is no tough work other than feeding the baby. A baby never understands the need for food and its value. We are always in search of something helpful that may give us comfort while feeding the kid. A comfortable chair with the feeding tray can give a kid enormous joy and pleasure to eat. A healthy meal is in fact perfect to make the kid healthy. Environment matters a lot where a kid is eating something. These chairs are not only helpful but favorable too, as the kids always get fascinate towards different color combinations. This seat is adjustable with three positions that may give  the baby comfort.

Smart lunch Feeding Booster:

Smart lunch feeding booster is an ideal booster for your kid as a kid is always resisting the food and with the beautiful booster you can increase his appetite. Booster is helpful as the kid can easily sit with the specific design of placing the legs partly. A try is attached with it by placing the food. Best thing about this booster is, you can place it on any other chair and it is thus easily adjustable to use. A n easy motor skill to put your baby in ease. Sometimes when you are suppose to go somewhere kid is always reluctant to take the food,in such situation only boosters can help you out in order to increase the interest of the kid.


  • 3 position seat height adjustable
  • Removable tray cover for easy cleaning
  • Toys for increasing motor skills
  • Adjustable and removable tray
  • Can be strapped to any chair
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

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