Skin Care Tips & Home Remedies

Skin Care:

Skincare should be a part of our daily routine,  those who neglect it face the aftereffects later on. You must use home remedies to make skin glow shinier and more white. Everyone wants to look after the skin and care about the face. Little effort can make wonderful results.Home tips can help you a lot in making all these changes. Little things can bring more change. Home remedies often work as they do not cause you danger. You can use some of the things you have in your home. For example

  • Tomato water, make a paste of tomatoes and apply on your face
  • Aloe vera gel, use fresh aloe vera from your garden and apply on your hair and face
  • Cucumber can affect in the best way
  • Don’t forget to use rose water
  • The skin should be covered with sunblock

Skin type:

There are 2 basic skin types: Dry Skin & Oily Skin

Dry Skin:

Dry skin stretches and itches a lot. Dry skin is less glowing. You can apply milk on your skin as it does perfect work on the skin. Every home accessory includes milk so you can always find milk at your home. Yogurt contains oil and if you apply yogurt and honey over your face you will glad to see mesmerizing result.

Oily Skin:

Oily skin becomes a big problem for all those who have it. It gives  a look as if the face is oily and oil is coming out of the skin. It disturbs a lot if you have to go somewhere. Home remedies that suit you can help you in better way. There are various kind of masks that can be available in the market. Some people do not like to use mask on their face, made up of some chemical products. Thus, you can use mud mask, lemon and honey mask, milk and honey and other such masks available at your home.

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