Stages of Child development

1) Child development is mandatory:

Child development is mandatory because he is developing every month and year. If a kid is not growing in a more acute way you must be able to learn good steps and stages of life. When a kid is just a newborn,  he is expected to grow in perfect ways and stages. A kid learns to eat, drink and be merry. Kids are supposed to learn and act in all those behaviors. The First 5 years of your childhood are much important in your life, you must always see the activities of your child that can make him strong. A kid needs to get intellectual, educational, and multi-dimensional feelings and needs to understand.

2) Overview between Months (01-03):

You must notify the months,  if a kid is growing in a more perfect way, a one-month-old baby needs your attention. You may define the baby in a way that he can do or react. A month-old baby cries and has a lot of cries all time. You may have heard that a baby sleeps 18 hours a day. The baby is so small at this age and it becomes too tough for the baby to manage anything new. Baby is developing the habit of milk at this age, he needs his mother to feed him the most suitable milk to him.

3) Baby turning at 4-6 months:

4 month is considered a growing age when a kid is trying to sit on his own and relax too. Baby can take bananas too, in some cases, a baby of 4 months starts to eat biscuits too. While in other cases, some kids even do not take water until the age of 6 months and they totally depend upon their mothers to feed them. Baby turning 6 gives you enormous joy too when he is trying to sit or try play.

4) When the baby turns 6-12 months:

When a baby is turning 6-12 months, it means he is developing many stages and learning new things. Bbay starts to call out mum, mummy, or similar easy words. On the part of the movement, a baby of 6 months sits and starts to crawl and later on develops the habit of walking. Walking is most important on the part of a kid, he starts to learn walking and this brings an enormous change in a baby. These months are important because a kid starts weaning during this duration. Proper weaning is mandatory as a kid starts eating and drinking.

5) Here Come the baby preschoolers 1 year to 3 years:

Baby walking,  crawling, crying sleeping, and so on the stages when a kid is too young. Then starts preschoolers, a preschooler kid is always busy with some engaging activities and thus he learns so many things even before going to school. Preschoolers of ages 1-3 are not school-going kids rather they are more directed toward new things. Preschoolers are hard to understand as they spend their maximum time following their mother or father’s activities. Kids are kids and they need a lot of time period where they develop many ages and stages. All through the process of changes and things a kid is depending upon their parents.

6) Adolescence (11-18 years old)

The fourth stage of child development begins at the age of 11 and lasts until the age of 18. During this time, adolescents continue to grow and develop physically, cognitively, and socially, and they begin to prepare for adulthood.

Physical development: Adolescents continue to experience puberty-related changes, and they become more interested in their appearance and grooming. They also continue to grow and gain strength, and they may develop more advanced physical skills such as driving.

Cognitive development: Adolescents’ thinking becomes more abstract and philosophical during this stage, and they begin to explore their identities and beliefs in greater depth. They also become more

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