Superwings Remote Control Dancer Robot Toy

Superwings Remote control:

This toy is remote control toy where you have to press the button and it would change from jet to plane and starts flying. It dances spins and rotates. There are sounds that may help them to feel more imaginative play. Kids always love to play with something thrilling and this toys fullfils the purpose beautifully. This is just like a robotic toy that means shifting from one shape to another and other best things is it it madeup of chargeable batteries. You may have seen another option for remote control robot such as Intelligent Dog Remote Control Robot that entertains a child in the most favourable way. These robot can act like human and thus can be said perfect toys to entertain the child.Push the handle to transform Jett from plane to robot and press the buttons to activate cool dance moves and spin him around.

Robot vs Helicopter:

This toy is a jet to play with it and it is haivcng b button on it. When you press the button this toy changes from jet to plane and then it becomes a robot. It has the sound music in it to entertain a kid and this toy can be considered full fledge toy to play with it.The super wings the toys is having can create adventurous play to amuse the kid. This toy changes from one form to another that is a jet transfers to helicopter. Then it becomes the robot like toy and a kid feels mesmerize playing with it. Your remote control Jett helicopter also has exciting lights and sounds for even more imaginative play. Watch Jett groove and create all new super wings adventures.


  • Control with the remote, move forward and rotate
  • Easy to use remote control transforming Jett from plane to robot
  • Jett dances to 3 songs
  • Batteries required: 5 x AAA (Not included)
  • Age 3 years and over

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