Surprise Doll Baby Bathtub Surprise

babyborn bath tub


  • Asegúrate de que esto coincide al ingresar tu número de modelo.
  • The Baby Born Surprise surprise bathtub has more than 20 surprises with a bathtub included.
  • Use water to clean her sleepy eyes, then unwrap to reveal her hairstyle.
  • Give her a bath in her bathtub: cold water reveals the change in hair color.
  • Feed him a diaper surprise. Dissolve the duck in water for a t-shirt surprise.
  • Includes doll with color-changing hair, 2 diapers with surprises, charm, bracelet, T-shirt, towel, bottle, and bathtub.

BabyBorn Bathtub:

The baby-born bathtub is a surprising article for kids where they can get immense pleasure of having the dolls and their bathtubs. You may have seen kids insisting on giving baths to dolls. if you allow them they make the whole home slippery and watery. But if the doll has its own bathtub with the accessories a child would love to play with it. The kid feels a complete motherly feeling when giving bath to the doll and then getting her ready by dress up and hairstyle. Surprisingly enough a doll is having 2 colors of hair where a child can change the color of the hair and enjoy two types of look of the doll. Diapers are also included in the luggage that means how complete the package it is to buy this baby-born bathtub.

Surprise for babyborn:

Earlier dolls are never with this kind of setup where baby born things are given and with such minute details. Once the baby has taken a bath in the beautifully designed bath, you can see its t-shirt,  bracelets, and other things as well. A towel is also given to care about the doll, so that it may not feel like wet clothes. Usually, when a child takes a bath, he may feel hungry after that, then you need to ready him. The baby feels hungry after the bath therefore bottle for the baby born is also given. Girls always have this feeling of nourishing someone and caring for someone, thus they want to buy these sorts of things where they can play and amuse themselves in such activities.


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