The Bad Effects of Electronic Media

mobile using

Electronic Media:

Electronic media includes television, mobile, laptop any other things that contain a screen. All the things of the electronic media are there to help you and support you. These things may provide betterment and awareness. The purpose behind it is to make you able to learn about your surroundings and aware of the environment. With the passage of time, when new things are made up. This is also getting more active. Now everybody has got access to the internet and it is so easy to go live and update any news, anything weird anything good.

Mobile usage:

Mobile usage is becoming another popular screen where every kid gets involved and no matter how much time is passed, they have no issue with spending it. Excessive use of it is giving them physical tiredness when they have no play. They feel inactive and do not take their food properly. A kid needs to have a lot of activities but a kid who is stuck to mobile does not need any other thing. A big loss it is for those who use excessive mobile and then they feel the problem in their eyesight. A kid’s muscles are not so hard and strong to give focus to screen hours and hours when they do so, they fell ill.

Excess of everything is bad:

You may have heard that excess of everything is bad, and a kid who is giving focus to mobile, television and that lasts too long is in danger. Sometimes it becomes an addiction of a child to have this, some kids are so addicted to it and they cannot eat well. Addiction then prolongs and they become rigid for this tool. Mobile usage and excessive usage are not good. If the kid is below 4 to 6 years he must follow the addiction everywhere. If the kid is growing in age, then you need to become more conscious about this because social media is having much more than the age of the kid. More apps of videos have made everything to kid’s access. They can easily divert their interest from study or learning to mobile and electronic media.

How things damaging:

Many people may think that how electronic media can damage things when their purpose is not this behind promoting the channels. You can see that screen is damaging the kids as if they will keep on sitting and will have no other source of playing or activity, they would feel lacking behind. You have to notice that a child must be active and playful inside the house and outside the house. There is so much fun to play and learn. Together kids can play more vibrant and playful.




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