Types of Skin Problems on Face

1) Baby skin acne and scars:

The most common problem that every person faces nowadays is the skin. Acne has become a common cause for all to ponder over. Baby skin is so soft that you cannot even apply anything over the face without Doctor’s consultation. In kids,  we can consider the reason for acne may be weather or ample heat to disturb the skin cell. By the time, when a kid grows and we find that acne can be the lack of water or any tension as well. If some adult kid is facing some kind of stress that means that acne appears on the face is the reason for that.

2) Sun and heatstroke:

Often kids live in the same environment and they are ok with that situation. But if they move to a more warm and hot place for a short time their skin would be tan and they can be disturbed by the heatstroke that means merely due to the temperature in the heat. Sunburn is also another reason to consider the problem and issues. Sometimes you move from city to village you find that sun spreads more heat and you feel that your sun is turning to a dark color that means sunburnt.

3) Redness and itching over the face:

Redness and itching can also be considered the problem for kids. Sometimes we feel afraid if we see such kind of redness and itching over the face. This can be due to the bite of some kind of insect. You need to protect yourself form such place where you feel the fear of insect biting. You can place insect killers in your room so to protect you from the rapid attack of insects. Itching can be the cause of allergy and hence it becomes mandatory to take care of the changes so to avoid skin problems.

4) Dust and other materials:

Other factors that can disturb your skin and face can be dust and other such material. Some people cover their faces when they go outside while some do not consider it important. Therefore the case of dust particles effecting on the skin so far vary from person to person. Sometimes we use something to look adorable, any kind of makeup or creams if they do not suit us our skin can turn to dullness.


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