Why kids bitting their nails Everywhere

1) Kids Bitting the Nails:

It is a common sign of bitting the nail, often kids continue to bite their nails and often you may have seen that they are young kids. Bitting the nails can be the outcome of any kind of stress, depression and so other. Thinking of something in curiosity is also the reason for biting nails. Some may ever do it by keeping the nail in their mouth, while some may break it with their hands. It has now a common trait of kids when they are doing this.  Kids break it sometimes when they are hungry and when they are not ready to eat. Thinking habits can also increase this process.

2) Parents Should think about it:

Parents should think about it if their kids are not easygoing and they are trying to keep them busy biting their nails. It can be a habit too,  if it becomes a habit then it is usual that they repeat again and again.  Like other habits, nail biting can be an unconscious habit, a kid is unaware of the fact that he is biting the nails. Sometimes when a kid is not having any other hobby,he can do it in his free time.

3) How to stop:

If you really considering your this habit a problematic you must think twice. Because if you are trying to stop and indulge her in good way, you must not bother her any more. Let her do that or make her understand in a way that she never feels that she is pressurize to stop this habit. As she developed the habit certainly after no one knows, thus it is imperative not to pressurize her.If you don’t uncover a source of unusual stress, begin a discussion of what nervous habits are and how it’s possible to break them. A good book to read together is Janet Munsil’s Where There’s Smoke, in which nail-biting Daisy and her cigarette-smoking dad try to break their habits together.

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