Wooden Blocks & Learning Puzzles

Lelin – Balancing:

A kid must have some purposes in life, such as playing with the balancing toy of the kid, he becomes able to learn the weight up & down, how to balance the things in the life, hand-eyes coordination, and other things. Recognition of different colors can become an easy task if the kids have this balancing toy. It comes with the fins and other things. In the spectrum of life, balancing life and other things looks tough to us but if we are able to balance everything in a proper way then only we can be able to balance the things.

Lelin – Owl Clock Puzzle:

Owl clock puzzle is the perfect idea for those kids who have to understand the time and clock. This puzzle can help him in learning the clockwise rotation of the time, in arranging the numbers likewise. Different kinds of puzzles create an immense imagination in the kids and thus they become able to learn the arrangement of things and words. Once you feel that a kid is not able to recognize the line-wise counting or not able to understand the time and clock, you can engage him well in these puzzles. On the other hand, if the kid finds arranging the words tough, he can take help from the owl features. A pic of an owl displays perfectly if the puzzles are arranged in the right way.

Wild animals stacking:

  • This wooden toy allows long-lasting fun made from high-quality natural wood, whilst caring for our planet. Suitable for children 36 months and over. Includes 5 pairs of Wild Animals.
  • Lelin Toys are designed to enhance learning play in young kids. Kids use their imagination and it develops creativity, promotes hand-eye coordination as well as social skills in young kids.

All Lelin Toys are tested to the highest safety standards and comply with the international toy safety standards. Learn toys are made from renewable resources with non-toxic paints & lacquers.

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