10 ways to deal with menstrual problems

Menstrual problems :

Menstrual problems are quite common in every female. It is a weekly cycle that every female passes through. It is a normal thing that occurs due to changes in hormones. But sometimes females may suffer due to the abruptness of this cycle. There can be painful and extremely painful periods then one should go to the doctor and visit but before that here are some tips that you can use and make your periods regular.

When you should visit Doctor:

There are some conditions when you should visit the doctor :

If you are not having a normal flow of blood

If you feel that extreme level of pain which is unbearable

Periods are coming after 15 days and no normal routine

How to deal in the best way:

Every female passes through this phase but you can make things work for you in a better way if you follow these things:

Warm bottle of water:

If you are feeling extreme pain you can lessen it by putting a warm bottle on your specific area of pain.

Eatables are helpful:

You can take warm milk by adding a pinch of turmeric to it.

Yoga or exercise:

Another perhaps most effective can be an exercise for some time as yoga helps to keep you active.

Heating pad:

“The uterus is a muscle, so anything that helps relax muscles, like applying heat, can be beneficial, Thielen says. So curl up the heating pad, heating the painful area can be so relaxant.

Hot drinks:

There is a huge variety of herbal tea or qahwas so warm water may keep you warm, tea or soup or broth all these drinks served hot can be beneficial for you.

Balanced Diet:

keep your balanced diet if you eating your diet full of magnesium, carbs, calcium and other such nutrients are in your food then you can survive.


Another big relaxant element can be oiling or massage if you are having backache.

Resting positions:

Rest yourself whenever you feel bad cramps do not overwork and if you have babies to nourish you can buy them gifts and toys from the Toysuae so that they can enjoy themselves.



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