How to keep your heart healthy

1) How to keep your heart:

Heart healthThe heart is the main organ in the human body and when it disturbs the whole body may feel down.  Therefore it is the main thing that shouldn’t be overlooked ever. There are some basic things that can help you, such as eating healthy and staying active by doing exercises daily. Several things that can create problems for your heart can be high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high weight, or obesity. Overeating is another major problem that can create problems for you. Keeping your heart fit symbolizes that your body will remain fit and thus you can live a few years ahead. Age factor is another big deal in your life if you are exceeding your age the risk factor increases.

2) What is Heart Disease:

Heart disease is the toughest thing when you hear about heart disease it means coronary problems related to the heart. Coronary disease means that veins that take blood from the heart are stuck somewhere or conjured or there may be some clot is stuck then blood does not flow smoothly as it does earlier. Various reasons exceed and thus can prove worst. Heart disease may lead to heart attack and that can consider the worst. Heart attack leads to every life-taking incident therefore it should be avoided. The best thing is to avoid heart problems. Though one can take precautions in eating and drinking.

3) Signs of Heart problems:

There are various signs of heart problems such as

  • Pain on the left side
  • contractions
  • pain can be in the upper shoulder or anything
  • Breaking out in a cold weather
  • Symptoms of a heart attack may be different from that one
  • Shortness of Breath,  feeling dizzy

4) Healthy heart Tips:

  • Healthy heart tips are mandatory to take :
  • Give up smoking if you are a smoker
  • Manage your weight because being overweight can cause danger to your health
  • Maintain your exercise routine
  • Avoid excessive weight and try to control your food to care about your heart.





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