Shab-e-Barat the night of blessings for Muslims

1) Shab e Barat night of blessings:

Shab e barat is a night when Muslims celebrate their day, they pray to God with the strong belief that their prayers are not returned back. On this specific day,  their prayers are heard and God provides them with gifts. Whenever Muslims pray for something on this day their belief is that they would be granted whatever they receive. This is celebrated on the 14 of Shaban and Muslims spend their time in holy prayers and all that. It is assumed that on this day life of a coming child, the death of an old person though everything is written. It is a belief that a tree is there where there are leaves, when the leaf is broken or shattered can be a sign of someone’s death. Or if a leaf is new can tell about the new birth.

2) Another big factor:

Another big factor for this day is that people especially Muslims have certain rules in their religion. They have strong faith that this day their old bad deed can be forgiven. Old dead people or relatives are remembered on this day and thus it is a ritual too to go to their graveyard and keep praying for them. It is strongly a Muslim belief though nowadays Muslims are divided in 72 sects and every person’s believes is different from another. We can pray for their forgiveness by offering nafil, reading the Holy book, and praying. Therefore it is an important night that comes after a year.

3) Food spreading to maximum:

One more thing adding to Shabaan shab e barat is food, many people cook food at home and they spread food to maximum. Many people try to make food and then they give food to many people. A rich person sends nayaz accordingly and a poor likewise. Many people love it the way they are arranged and some cannot afford to send food so they only enjoy the food given by others. It is often called the shab barat which means the night of forgiveness and many people ask for forgiveness from each other. In Islam, the matter of human rights is given the maximum importance thus it is imperative to take care of all the Muslims.

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