5Challenges faced by today’s Women

Poverty, hunger homelessness:

The biggest challenge a woman faces nowadays is poverty, hunger, and homelessness. There is a lot of class difference rich is the richest and the poor is the poorest. These lacking are leading every woman in a very different situation. A one who is striving for food wants food only, and she needs it badly for the family. She is worried to carry the kids their hunger is leading them into a miserable situation. Poverty has prevailed everywhere and kids are striving for food their basic need.

Violence against women:

Violence is everywhere no rule to avoid it. There can be various kinds of violence the worst a woman faces is domestic violence. A woman faces the worst challenge of it, where she is treated like a non-human. She is not able to do anything regarding it, neither can she talk to anyone nor she can try to handle the situation in the least way. Brutally trained people have no mercy to train females. Thus violence is hilarious.


The lack of child care centers:

There are fewer child care centers where they take care of the kids properly in the absence of mothers. A mother is bound to leave all her careers.  She cannot even go to any place without taking the kids with her. If there are fewer centers then again no proof of security.  Woman of today cannot hand over their kids to anyone even in the case she has an emergency because of the threat to peace. Hardly safe or sound care centers are available which is in fact, the need of the hour.

Human trafficking:

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, exploitation, or forced sexual activity. This may encompass providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage, or the extraction of organs or tissues, including for surrogacy and ova removal. This is a curse over the females who are to follow the unnecessary rule of this bad custom.

lack of equality:

For women, the main problem she faces everywhere is a lack of equality. In inheritance, job places, earning areas, roaming easily here and there is no equality. She feels this need badly in the hour of life. There should be some proper rules to follow and women must be given the right for enjoying the rights.

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