Breastfeeding importance and Duration

1) Breastfeeding is essential :

Breastfeeding is the right of every child and thus it is important to feed the kid. Nowadays people less acknowledge this fact and provide kids with top milk. No doubt formula milk is also prepared for the betterment of the kid but no replacement for breastfeeding. Whatever a mother easts, it usually transfers through the feed. You cannot give plenty of vitamins and nutrients to your child but through feed only. Mother feed is the only supplement that is even enough for the first 6 months of the baby. You do not need any other thing to give your baby. Doctors in every country consider it important that mothers should feed their babies.

2) Nutrition value for kids:

You may never know about the exact amount of health a kid may get through the feed. If you compare the kids, one who is fed on mother feed and the other one who is taking formula milk they have differences in their immunity system. The one who is on mother feed is more strong to deal with the germs and diseases while on the other hand, a baby who is taking formula milk is having less ability to deal with diseases.

3) Age Duration:

It is said that the duration of babies differs from one another, a baby girl is said to have her feed till 2 and half years. While a boy can have breastfed till the years 2. It is also considered a convenient way to feed where there are fewer chances of germs getting inside the baby. Because when you feed the baby it is quite obvious that milk is not visible to anyone so the baby takes the required diet and then peacefully sleeps. Kids are born with weak bones it is imperative for them to have something in their meals that can make their bones strong for many years. There is no substitute for mother feed.

4) Importance of feeding to a child:

You may not forget about the inherent qualities of breastfeeding. It creates a special bond between mother and baby when a kid is taking breastfeed. Different milk formulas are there to help a person as many females are not well enough to feed the baby. In such cases, it becomes a complication for a mother to feed the child though the importance of feeding can never be neglected. Even if some mothers are not able to sit easily to feed their kid, there are breastfeeding pillows where they can feel comfortable.

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