Delsit – Combo Set – 2 Chairs And Table

Wooden furniture:

Wooden furniture is a part of every home and every person loves to decorate the home. When t comes to the selection of furniture we definitely become so much conscious about the selection and picking of the things. Wood furniture is usually of black n brown shades that attract every visitor. Though when it is about the selection of the kid’s furniture we search for anything comfortable and soft. Anything that can be washed and reused. Thus the idea of a Dlesit combo set of 2 chairs and a table is just a perfect thing to buy for your kids.

Combo set- chairs and table:

Combo set means to have the combination of these 3, a table to place between the chairs. Whenever there is a chair you are supposed to keep a table with you. A table can be used for studying, coloring even for eating something. A kid can feel the ease and comfort through all these things. The covers of the chairs and table are easily washable. It is quite obvious that if you have kept those sofas in your kid’s room then you need to wash them often. So it is in fact designed in such a way to help your kids in a perfect way.

How useful it is:

Organization in life is perhaps the best manner that every parent wants their kids to learn. By sitting on their fixed chair and working on a particular table can make them organized. They can use their chair as a part of their games such as in the musical play. A piece of furniture is perhaps a thing which is never a waist. It pays you back.



  • Safe for kids
  • Does not contain a hard frame.
  • Removable zip cover for easy washing.
  • Finished with high-quality pure fabrics.
  • 100% High-Quality Cotton

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