Women’s Health Issues

Common Issues :

There are many issues regarding health faced by women and men. Though women are the weaker part of society thus they get affect so rapidly. This is the reason they have more heart attack rate than men.

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Ovarian and cervical cancer
  3. The anxiety leading to depression
  4. Conceiving problems
  5. Pregnancy issues
  6. Heart diseases
  7. Hypertension
  8. Autoimmune Diseases

Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer has spread so rapidly that we got shocking results from the people.  That only happened because many of the people were not informed of the basics of it. Then people tried to spread breast awareness among all the people so that maximum people could enjoy life and the blessings of it.

Ovarian and cervical cancer:

Many people are not aware of the differences between ovarian and cervical cancer. Cervical cancer originates in the lower uterus, while ovarian cancer starts in the fallopian tubes. While both conditions cause similar pain, cervical cancer also causes discharge and pain during intercourse. While ovarian cancer presents extremely vague symptoms, the condition is very complex. Finally, Pap smears detect cervical but not ovarian cancer.

The anxiety leading to depression:

Another main factor in the life of females is frustration in their life, they get aggressive easily and then they feel no control over their thinking. This thing creates anxiety in them and then the anxiety leads to depression is a dangerous thing. A patient with such a condition can be with serious or non-serious issues. But whatever the factors are we should never ignore this type of patient.

Conceiving problems:

In every place, when a girl is married people expect her to be expected.  Then there is a list of issues and problems that a girls face in the name of conceiving.  Sometimes pregnancy is positive so rapidly while in some cases it takes time. Sometimes there are some cysts that stop a person from becoming pregnant. However, a good practitioner can help it all.

Pregnancy issues:

Here comes the integral part of every human when you are supposed to enter into the beautiful relation and on the other hand a females faces so many complexities in the life and obviously the first time experience leads to new courage to face all these issues.

Heart Diseases:

Heart disease is a major part where we can compare the ratio of female and male. We see that often females are the victims of heart disease that is just because of the cholesterol level increase. Many females are the patients of heart attack,  some even lose the battle between life and death. Therefore we must avoid all the things that lead to heart issues.


hypertension is another major factor of every person’s life where she feels that high blood pressure in the vessels towards the heart. They are bound to take medicines regularly and thus they feel sick. This is the reason they are restricted to some limited food and diet.

Autoimmune disease:

Autoimmune disease occurs when body cells that eliminate threats, such as viruses, attack healthy cells. When this happened for a long time, among the population, researchers remain baffled as to why the condition affects mostly women. While many distinct autoimmune diseases exist, most share symptoms such as:

● Exhaustion
● Mild fever
● Pain
● Skin irritation
● Vertigo


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