Food And Nutrition


Food  and nutrition is the main part of human life as it occurs daily in our life. Food is the need of human being, animals and all the  the main part of living things on the planet. So in this regard, we need to understand the basic nutrients in our food which can be useful for us. There are 5 basic food nutrients:

  1. Protein
  2. Fats
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Vitamin
  5. Minerals


Proteins are the effective part of the food. They are made of amino acid which has helping hand in building the blocks of the body. Proteins are good in a way it makes Harmons and enzymes. This includes animal products, soy products and plant protein. It contains energy and increases the metabolism.

Lean Meat:

Mutton, Veal kangaro etc.

Fish and sea food

Milk and yogurt specially the greak yogurt

Nuts (nuts and sea pod)

Grain and Cereals are also the reason


Fats are the part of food you must have some part of it, though it is harmful for a person as well. As you the excess of everything is bad. It is compulsory in the body for energy. There are 2 kinds on fats Saturated and Unsaturated. Artificial trans fat is saturated which is blame for weight gain and other related things. While Saturated fats are good just as the Omega 3. So we can summaries that two kinds of fats are there ‘Good fat’ and ‘Bad fat’. Good fat makes us able to energy the body and bad fat gives us the obesity.


The main function of the carbohydrates is to provide energy and store energy. These are found in beans, milk, popcorn, cookies,, spagetti, soft drink etc. They available in forms the most common is sugar, fiber and starch .The two types of it are simple and complex. The simple form of it is present in sugar like any sugar of white color and brown sugar. Vegetables and lentil seeds are good source of it.



Vitamins are the essential for human body.  In our life we are suppose to handle so much tasks and for them we need energy and courage which we gain through vitamins. We see in medical science there are 13 vital vitamins more common such as : A, B, C, D, E ,K , then comes other (B1), (B2), (B3), (B4), (B5) and so on. Vitamins are the nutrient which are for normal cell function and growth. Vitamin A is important for growth and for skin teeth as well. Vitamin B is for Energy production and immune system.


Minerals are the elements that our body need to develop and function. These minerals for instance include calcium, phosforus, sodium chloride and magnesium. Minerals include calcium and iron and these are include in milk and dairy products, meat and fish etc. It is basically an inorganic solid which is present in the bodies.

In the last I would suggest you this was the basic eye view of our daily food that matter for keeping us healthy. I just have written the little things about which everyone should have know how. We should keep our self on the top of priority because Health is Wealth

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