How to Keep Yourself Clean


Personal hygiene:

In this time of pandemic, where everybody is rushing towards the panic situation we should keep ourselves clean. It includes washing of the hands and face. Taking bath. Stay away from the crowded areas.  Cleanliness is next to faith. You should brush yourself twice a day. You must comb you hair daily as it takes all the dust out. You should see if there is need to clip your nails you must cut it. In the premises of life keep yourself clean and tidy this is the only thing which can prevent you from illness.


Wash Clothes:

It is compulsory for everyone to wear fresh clothes. By saying about fresh clothes does not entitle to wear new dress daily rather it is impose to wash the clothes whatever you want. Whatever we wear under the clothes it should also wash and change daily. Washing of clothes may extract the bacteria hidden in our perspiration. Thus we can get the life without ailment. As decease gets the life from the little bacteria or virus. We can avoid any difficulty if we daily wear neat and clean clothes.


Visiting Doctors:

Going to the dentist or health practitioner is as important as any other task. We should make it a habit of visiting the doctor in one month for our checkup. It not only reveal if we have some ailment rather it tells us about our hygiene routine. We often feel congestion or stomach issues but we ignore them just because we are not accustomed to go to routine checkups.

Teething is Main:

Teething is the main part of human life. you must have seen the people with the severe tooth pain whenever some food particle is stick to their teeth than it becomes painful. In some cases gum bleeding also start and thus we are left with helplessness.  So first of all we adopt the habit of cleaning the teeth twice. Teething floss should be used as well.


Clip the nails:

Sometimes we can never imagine how much dirt we take with our nails. We should consider it without any other notice that these are abandoned by cleanliness. Cut the nails after every 5 -6 days because when it is increased it creates the mess and problem. It inherent the dust in the nails and thus it enters in the body and make us severe ill. Dust and dirt should be eradicate from our life. Then we can keep ourselves clean and neat.

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