How to active at Social Level to help Others

Interaction and Communication:

We are living in a society where we daily need interaction and we have to communicate with others. Whenever we are trying to be social and we want to help others. The first and foremost thing that comes in the mind is communication. If you communicate then you will be able to understand that what someone wants to convey and what are the basic things that you need to help in other life.

Sympathy and empathy:

You can only feel for others if you have a soft corner in your heart and sympathy increases when you know if someone is in trouble. These kinds of feelings can help to grow society and thus we can become a nation not a crowd. When you feel sympathy then comes the idea for helping others and you can help in many ways. For example, if you see a poor person feed him well if someone is not getting the sources to earn give him the source so that he can earn as well. Little kind gestures make things more pretty.

Feeling for others:

If you have a good feeling for others and you have got a soft corner for others, then you can feel for others and such good feelings for others may help you to increase your care for them. The feeling is in fact the name of considering the sufferings of others as if these are with you.

Listening Capability:

If you want to help socially and you want to see the problem of life then you must be a good listener. Once you have got this capability and you want to help others you surely can. Being a social person a person must have the courage to bear what others are saying to him. If you are a good listener you can hear the problems easily and on the other hand, a social person can be criticized hurt,| or felt so many things.



Helping hand:

After hearing the problems of others, such as food, education, poverty, health, and so many other things. The other thing that comes forward is a helping hand. Once you have listened to the problems then you need the courage to solve the problems of others. You have to think that what things you actually need to work out then you can help others in any way.

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