Importance of Water in Life

Water is mandatory for every living being:

Our earth consists of 70% water, water is the most important thing in our life. If we are left with no water, there would be no life. Wherever there is water, there is life. Our body demands water we may live without food for sometimes but we cannot adjust to the feeling of thirst. Our several body parts are working in the right way just because of the water, our kidneys depend upon the use of water, it helps us to replenish the food and thus it becomes mandatory to have water. To stay healthy and passing stool in the right position we must notice our intake of water.

An effective role for the body:

Our body is made up of tissues and organs revolving around other functions of veins and such things. We need water to grow, to live, and be healthy. Our life depends on the farmer’s food and then gives enough water until the different vegetables and other things grow. It recreates saliva. Enough quantity of food helps the broken food move from the body and thus you can maintain your health. Our body is made up in such a way to depend on each other like every part is connected to the other. Water delivers the food to every corner of the body and thus makes a human able to digest the food.

Animals,  plants, and birds:

Animals, plants, and birds everything in the world living needs water. Plants need water to grow the seeds, grow the flowers, and thus to make a beautiful garden. Water helps a plant to live a healthy life by providing oxygen. Animals strive for their life by gaining food from here and there, but the food is never without water. They need water. Every living thing on the planet feels the thirst and thus becomes able to rejoice in life. You may have seen a crow, a pigeon, or an eagle sitting on the edge of the roof and taking water intake. This clearly tells the basic need of them.



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