How to control your weight during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan:

Control Your Weight The month of Ramadan is considered to be the Holy month which starts from the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. People keep fasting the whole month and in the end, they are awarded the celebration of Eid. This month, people who are concerned about their weight start bothering about their weight loss. It is not that tough to reduce weight in the month of Ramadan and not that easy too. Your effort is mandatory and following some of the rules, you can surely lose weight in the month of Ramadan.

The normal routine of Muslims:

Muslims keep fasting this month, they wake up at midnight for sahoor and they eat something in order to start fasting for 14 to 16 hours. They do not eat the whole day and when evening time starts and they hear maghrib prayer then they breakfasting and start eating. The thing that should be followed by all is that they should not exceed their portion of diet if they really want to lose weight in this month of Ramadan. Intermittent fasting is considered the best way to reduce weight and thus fasting is so helpful in this regard. They eat something in the evening but what is more important to notice is to keep a balance in their diet. Reducing weight is a major task for every person.

Portion Control essence of fasting:

In the month of Ramzan if we really want to reduce our weight we should focus on our portion control, our diet should not exceed at the time of iftar, we should try to avoid oil things, heavy things on our stomach, coke sprite or such carbonated drinks. Our diet should be limited enough to fulfill our appetite not exceedingly extreme for obese us. Limited nutrients in your diet help you to grow in a more profound way. Sometimes we keep on eating the same kind of diet and that is only increasing our fats.

Avoid sugary drinks:

Try to avoid sugary drinks such as when we sit together to iftar we always have 2-3 kinds of liquid-sweetened syrups and juices full of sugar.  These sugary drinks are not good to intake ass they can rise your sugar level too. On the other hand, these are made up of chemical things which are not favorable for good health.

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