How to manage your fast in Ramadan

1) Fasting is an essential thing for all :

Fast in Ramadan is crucial, and everyone should be aware of its pros and cons. Muslims consider it their first obligation to keep fasting in the month of Ramadan. You should not consider it an option for you to leave fasting or to break your fast in between. Muslims are bound to keep fasting in their specific way. A person who keeps fasting is blessed with many pleasures. During this month, the routine of every person is changed and they are trying hard to find some time. You should try your level best to have full food and nutrients this month. Plenty of green vegetables, healthy food, and protein can help you in the most appropriate ways.

2)Managing things in a perfect way:

Try to manage things in a perfect way, sometimes you have messed up so many things and nothing is completely organized and then things turn worst for you all. You can do one thing at one time and plan to have another at another time. If you have kids then surely you must be stuck in so many things where you can not name them but those things for sure take your time extraordinarily.

Fasting in Ramadan may lead to good things:

Fasting in Rmadan may lead to many good things, your body is sterilized and all waste things are drained. You can easily burn your extra fats and reduce them to some inches. Good things can be like being happy at the end of Ramazan in the form of eid where you celebrate and enjoy every moment. You can offer your prayers and your rewards would be doubled and things can be more clear. You get ample opportunity to ask for forgiveness and God will reward you with something you are desiring for.

Health is a major factor:

Health is a major factor in the premises of fasting, you must not ignore your health. If you are keeping fast continue if you are taking any medicine. You can take supplements for your health and do not forget to have calcium and iron tablets in your routine. Otherwise you may feel that your health is turning down. Even if you are too ill and unable to continue fasting you can surely stop fasting because you cannot carry with ill health.



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