How to feed the growing baby

baby feeding

A weaning child needs effort:

A weaning child needs a lot of effort from mothers to feed them. Weaning means transition such as when a child of 6 months transfers to growing age, he is shifted from liquids milk to solid foods. A kid does not happily initiate anything. You may have seen mothers worried for the kid’s health. So many kids resist food and they do not intake happily rather they prefer to take liquids. Initial food may contain cereals, banana yogurt, and other food that may provide a kid healthy nutrition. When you are feeding the baby,  he sticks to feeding then introducing new foods becomes a bit tough job.

How to make a child accustomed to eating:

There are many ways with which you can make him accustomed to eating. Such as you can give him colorful foods adding richness and pleasure to the eyes. Sit and eat with the child, try to indulge him in the process of eating. Sometimes kids are so stubborn to eat something they resist, but then you need to plan something extraordinary for them. Developing the habit of pleasure eating is no doubt tough but some kids are picky, researchers have stated that even a picky child (who is not eating food) is just okay. Being a mother, you can easily notice the things that what does a kid likes? salty food or surgery. If you feel that a kid’s tendency is towards the sweet thing, then you can start with sweet dishes. Some people may think of reinforcement when the kid is not eating, but punishments regarding this can create negative behavior in the child.

Fun-giving way:

The best way to treat the kid is fun become like a child itself. You must create some funny activity to interact with the child, for example, mothers can easily feel the interest of the child. If your kid loves to play with some specific things when it is eating time provide him/her with that. Try to play with them when it’s eating time, when their attention is diverted they would forget about eating. That moment you can make them eat anything you have prepared. Slowly and steadily, a kid itself starts asking for food, you need to divert him towards the food. A kid always repeats some things,  if you want your kid to eat something like a raw vegetable or fruit try to eat it in front of you.


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