Natural Babyroom Door for Kids


  • Customizable playroom with accessories and panels to fit any play mat and anywhere in the room
  • Each playroom connection point comes with a stopper cap to prevent foreign objects from entering
  • Enhanced safety with playroom assembly protrusion lock to prevent easy dismantling by kids
  • Door panels come with a lock to prevent the opening of the door from inside
  • Natural color combination to fit any house interior for a calm and happy little one
  • Easy to assemble in 5 minutes – no tools required
  • No sharp edges making it safe for young children
  • All panels come with 2 anti-slip pads to prevent the playroom from moving on most surfaces (floor, mats, etc.)
  • No small loose parts & protruding accessories that will hurt your child when they trip & fall

Kid’s accessories:

Kids’ accessories may require so many things, this looks so much pretty and enhanced. It is a playroom where children can connect the doors together. Once you have tied the things and have arranged things naturally you do not need to worry about the entrance of the extra things. There are door panels to lock and nothing can enter from outside and a child can easily play. Sometimes what actually happens, is a child spreads his toys here and there. Therefore mother feels more exhausted, this is the perfect idea for Ifam to surprise all the parents with the newest idea.

How it is useful:

If the baby is too young,  he does not walk but crawls. You may always fear the security of the child such as he may not slip, he may not go to the staircase. This type of fear may not last if you use this, it can make secure the child. On the other hand, if you have some toddler who runs here and there spreading the dust and filth. You may feel worried about the cleanliness but once you have bought these natural baby room doors you feel so relax and contented.

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