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Kids favorite Time:

Riding on cars and truck is the favorite time of kids where they can pose as driving it. Kids love to drive as it later on becomes easy for them to learn drive. It is passion for boys as well because they do not prefer to play with other toys than with the cars. It is the most joyful when a kid see riding on something and it is driven by them. Some cars and truck have the ability just to turn on the button and then it goes on starting. It is with the battery usage and automatic resources of the car where it starts and a kid feels immense pleasure where he considers that the truck car where he is riding is wholly his trick.

Buy This truck:

This truck which you will buy is the licensed car ride on where you can feel luxury and comfort which you actually want with your child. A place which is quite open and has a plane surface a child is confused with what to do. Whenever we take our kids on a fresh air with plenty of area the only thing where they can ride is this car truck. You can buy this just on your one click and can give ultimate happiness to your kid. I heard once that it is so easy to buy the happiness of kids as they are not materialist attach to anything.


Travelling has become the passion for boys and girls. In the early childhood a kid love to play with the cars but by the age of  5 to 6 years he starts riding on it. Thus it is proved that riding on car is the all time loving and happy moments thus it becomes compulsory for the parents to let them buy which can give eternal peace to the mind level. You must buy this as it can provide a kid self reliance and a charm where he can dwell upon the qualities of it.


Overall Dimensions: 45.28″ (L) x 29.13″ (W) x 23.62″ (H).
Weight Capacity: 66 lbs.
Weight: 39 lbs.
Material: PP Plastic, Metal
High Speed: 3 mph
Low Speed: 1.8 mph
Initial Charge Time: 8-12 hrs.
Charge Time: 6 hrs.
Run Time: 1-2 hrs.
Battery Type: 12V 7Ah
Electric Motor: 12V
Charger: Output – DC 12V
Recommended for ages: 3-5 years
Assembly required (with instructions)

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