Kitchen Set For Kids

kitchen set

Kitchen Set:

Kitchen set is the kids favorite set where they can find a lot more things to play and to cook. It is the kit of full happiness and full equipment to play with. These kinds of sets are not common seriously which have huge volume. It gives kids enormous joy to play with such a vast toy. Sometimes we buy separately kitchen learning set, we buy kitchen baking set but its the complete set up to play with it and make the kids to learn about it. If you want your kids to be organized you should provide such set ups with which kid may become vibrant and active enough to learn and seek. It can make kids able to learn and seek too how to arrange things and cooking method. With the recipe card they can learn to follow the procedure and try to cook at very little age.

Fruitful activity:

It is thus a fruitful activity where kids get variety by just buying the complete kitchen setup. The time where a kid play happily and by playing  if he gets learning its always the best and fruitful. Never assume that the kid is not able to learn and only he must be playing all the time because this assumption can destroy. The best time is where a kid is learning and enhancing his abilities to tackle the things. Kitchen set has the vast dimensions and varieties where you can provide with the set of utensils and cooking procedure.

Wholesome product:

This product is wholesome as if you buy this you donot need to buy any other things separately as the set holds a lot of things as refrigerator, microwave oven which give the real effect to the kid. A child can behave the same just as parents. It has the light effect and music as well and the real lights on. The Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen is full of role-play features that toddlers can be just like mom or dad! Great for pretend play and ideal gift to little one & will surely provide endless hours of fun.

Product Dimensions: 83.19 x 49.53 x 62.87 cm
Package Dimensions: 83.19 x 49.53 x 62.87 cm
Weight: 12.73KG
Shipping Weight: 12.73KG
Recommended Age: Suitable for 2 years & above

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